Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cakes in a jar and cranberry vodka

Today was a busy day-besides the typical taking care of baby and cleaning, I got started on more Christmas gifts.
The first was cranberry vodka. I thought about cranberry liquer but decided on just the flavored vodka-same idea just no sugar.
MY RECIPE for Cranberry Vodka:
1 liter of vodka-don't go for the cheapo stuff
1 bag of cranberries-chopped
peel of 1 lemon-grated
peel of 1 orange-grated
Dump together in a sterilized glass container with lid and let steep for at least 2 weeks
Shake every day
When ready to bottle, strain solids and rebottle in glass container.

I plan on using 2 yard sale find glass containers w/ stoppers-originally from Pier 1 and possibly an old blue wine bottle if needed.

I also just got through making Cakes in a Jar. This idea seems way weird to me. You bake a cake, any cake in a canning jar and seal it. Sounds simple though. I used this recipe- since I had lots of yucky looking bananas hanging around in the freezer. I used 1/2 pint (8 oz) Jars and filled them approximately 1/2 full.
If these work, I'll probably try a pound cake of some kind next. A brown sugar one sounds good but most of the recipes I have come across call for shortening. I refuse to use shortening.
I actually hear a few pops..the jars are sealing :)

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