Monday, October 8, 2012

Publix Savings!! and Thrifting

So impressed with my Publix haul today.
6 bags of Eight O'Clock whole bean coffee
4 boxes Toaster Strudel (little R will almost always eat these for breakfast, don't judge :) )
2 boxes Toaster Scrambles
2 boxes Krusteaz Heart Healthy pancake mix
6 cans 100% Natural Campbell Soup
2 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings
2  Minute Rice steamers
4 boxes Quaker instant grits
2 bags Chicken nuggets/tenders

all for $ 51.03 after BOGO, sale, and coupons. YAY yay YaY

I know I could make some of these myself and save more $ and be more healthy but sometimes saving time is more valuable :)

On another note, scored some bargains over the weekend at the thrift store in Alabama.
Yellow flowered Gap Dress for R
Mancala game
Skirt for me
~90 Wilton Cookie Cutters (box says 101 but I'm guessing some are missing)
2 new wipeable workbooks for R
Wooden mugholder (will paint and use as bracelet holder)
Cookie tin

Total less than $20.00