Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zoo trip and Fall Festival


We were planning a trip to Tuscaloosa this past weekend but decided to put it off since the hubby had a chance to work floor duty. Weekend flloor duty is a great thing in our world right now, it's when most people look for houses. So, since I had already asked off, R and I went to the Zoo on Friday.
Little R had multiple meltdowns prior to leaving the house and I considered not going at all because she was being such a difficult little thing. But alas, we went anyway and had a fabulous time. I printed out some Zoo field trip worksheets to take along and off we went. This was R's first time at a Zoo and she was super excited over most everything. She especially liked the giraffe, pigs, and lemurs. OH, and the peacocks...she tried repeatedly to catch one :) R was thrilled to be able to touch the giraffe and found the lemurs amusing. R and some other little guys were running around the lemur exhibit and the lemurs were running around following them. It was great. The playground was also a fun distraction while we stopped for a snack. So, what started out as a less than ideal day, finished perfectly. (and no potty accidents, yay!!)
And if you are wondering where the absolutely adorable outfit came from-check out www.stringbean17.com. She makes some great stuff and her blog is a blessing to read.

I must admit, I'm not a big fan of small zoos, I feel they never have enough room for the animals. This one had a few exhibits that I would consider adequate but most were TINY. I felt sorry for the animals being cooped up in such tight quarters. But, I'm glad she got to experience it.

Sunday, the family went to an outside Fall Festival at the church we attend. There were quite a few blow up activities and R loves to jump and slide so it was perfect. She wore pieces of her ladybug costume but no wings or antennae :( We were able to get a picture with all of her costume on before we left. R had a hard time waiting in line for the activities, and didn't understand why she could only jump for a certain amount of time-we are working on the ideas of sharing and waiting your turn. R had lots of fun and cried when we had to leave. I appreciate so many of the local churches having Fall or Halloween type activities. I don't want to keep R from celebrating (i use that term loosely) Halloween but I am completely against the focus on the gruesome, evil and wicked. I just can't be okay with devils, demons, bloody things, etc as entertainment and amusement.


So glad we got to do some fun things this weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

What am I thinking?????

The past few months I have been thinking ALOT about babies. I so completely have baby fever. However, I am almost 40, the hubby is 50+, our financial situation is not good, and I never want to be pregnant again. I have never felt so bad in my entire life. Why can't adoption be more affordable????

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Major Accomplishment

After MONTHS of training, bribing, pleading, praying, praising, hoping, wishing, and cajoling......Little R is going to the potty on her own. Potty training R has been difficult beyond belief. My husband and I have tried all kinds of rewards, tactics, and strategies to no avail.We tried stickers, little prizes, witholding favorite TV shows, extra movie time, songs, dances, special snacks, etc-all in an attempt to get her to use the potty. Then one day it just happened. She seriously just decided she would start going to the potty. R has had a few accident free days, one with MANY accidents, and most have been 1 or 2 accident days. She has even made it through nap time dry. I can hardly contain my excitement :)
Happy Fall!