Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My little one had her first stomach bug :( It was awful!! For those of you who don't like TMI about bodily functions-STOP READING HERE. She started throwing up around 11:15 Monday night and did so every 15 to 30 minutes until about 4:30 am. We tried Emetrol but she threw that up too. Toward the end, it was just bile and dry heaves. I felt so sorry for her. It was heartbreaking for her to be gagging and reaching for me-saying ma ma ma while the hubby was holding her. I felt so helpless. Yesterday, it only happened twice and so far none today. She still has an awful case of diarrhea (which thankfully started after the vomiting) and a fever, which started midday yesterday. I gave her Tylenol- which she promptly threw up- so I ended up having to use tylenol suppositories. I didn't even know these things were OTC. As far as the remaining GI issues- it is gross. How does something so foul come from such a little person? We have had to scoop her up a couple of times already and go straight to the tub. I thought maybe a different brand diaoer might help so I bought some pampers and tried them. Nope-still leaky. Now I am using a diaper and bloomers under her pants to prevent ruining the carpet or furniture :/.

-Start back reading-

Thankfully, my in-laws showed up yesterday afternoon. They weren't supposed to here until today but decided to come a day early. Most people dread the in-laws coming for the holidays. For me-it isn't so bad. Now, my father in law can be a challenge! He and the hubby are SO much alike they have difficulty being around each other for very long. They both are the type that don't think they are right- they KNOW they are right and there way is not just the best way but the ONLY way that makes sense. MEN!! Why am I thankful they are here a day early? My MIL already had stuff cooked that we used for dinner last night-extra arms to hold baby- and they are home with the baby today so I can work and not take additional time off. Oh, and she has already cooked dressing, sweet potato casserole and has bought a ham for tomorrow. I am thankful for the help.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember to Give Thanks

Monday, November 24, 2008

Interrupted Sleep

Last night, R again woke up at 3:30 am crying. This has been an almost nightly occurence for the past 2 + weeks. She isn't quite awake, but not fully asleep either when this occurs. As usual, we attempt to soothe her with no success. One of us almost always ends up making her a bottle and POOF she's better. So, you are thinking-just go ahead and give her the bottle and be done with it. Well, that would work except sometimes she just pushes the bottle away and keeps crying. Sometimes it's a low whine, sometimes it's a cry, and sometimes it is a wail!!
This has happened off an on now for a few months, but as I said before-it is frequent now. I have tried feeding her grits at night to fill her up-this has worked a few times or it may have just been a fluke.
Hopefully, little one is just growing through a growth spurt and her hungry nerve will settle down soon. Until then, Caffeine is my friend.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reindeer Ornaments

Today I will finish our Reindeer ornaments. The idea is pretty simple...
1) Trace your little one's hands with fingers separated
2) Trace one foot, preferably still in sock feet
3) Use these images to cut out pieces from construction paper, card stock or foam. We are using foam.
4) Glue 2 hands (antlers) on each side of the foot (head) near the top
5) Glue or draw on eyes- I am using wiggly eyes-they have the sticky kind too!
6) Glue or draw on a nose- I am using little red pom-poms
7) Tape or glue a ribbon to the back for handing

Walla..A Christmas Ornament Keepsake

I have already traced little one's hands and feet- I just have to finish cutting the shapes out. Tracing her foot was easy, her hands, Not So Much. R is constantly on the move. She wanted to crinkle up the paper and play with the pen, not have mommy hold her hand still :) I will post pictures of the finished products.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm so in love with Besides having tons of handmade items, they have alchemy (now called custom). Alchemy is a place where you request bids on something you want made. People bid how much they will charge to make your custom item. You can request very specific items or a request something for a gift and see who replies. So far I have gotten great presents for Mother's and Father's Day, a supercute Halloween outfit, too cute artwork for the baby's room and more. Check it out!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Have you ever ordered from brambleberry? I love, love, love this website. They have all kinds of soapmaking, bath product, candle making supplies. They also sell packaging materials and have links to great tutorials. One problem though, I always order too much. I just ordered bottles and fragrance oils for the linen sprays I am making and candle scents for the candles. I'm sure there are cheaper places to buy these items but brambleberry's products are high quality and the customer service is very helpful. Give them a try!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stepping stones

Today I made stepping stones for Christmas gifts. I used broken pottery, dollar store gems, plain cement, and for molds I used old pie pans. I had plans of making at least a few with little one's hand prints- no such luck. Every time I attempted to get a hand print, she grabbed a fistful of concrete..maybe next time. These turned out okay but definitely not masterpieces. Planning your designs would be best :)

These were relatively simple- 1)mix concrete according to directions, mixture is correct when it resembles cornbread batter 2) pour into molds- can use pie pans, pizza boxes, purchased molds, planter bottoms, etc (if using for a hanging-put hanger in mold before pouring) 3) wait a few minutes until the concrete starts to set a little (you don't want the stuff you add to sink) 4) add decorative items and push in until flush if using for stepping stones (safer for bare feet and no falling) 5) leave to dry 6) after at least 24 hours, pop out of mold 7)enjoy

Friday, November 14, 2008

Stuff I plan on making

So, I have all these plans of a handmade Christmas (as far as the gifts). I'm not sure all these will get done by Christmas but I am going to try. Having a 14 month old running around makes it difficult to accomplish even the simplest tasks. So far I plan to make: room/linen spray for female family members, stepping stones for both sets of parents and maybe my brother and his girlfriend, ceramic beer stein for the hubby, candles for coworkers, some kind of Christmas ornaments for nieces and stepdaughters, ceramic birdfeeders for both Dads, adding metal to picture frames and including homemade magnets for all family members, reduced sugar cookie assortment for my Dad, microwaveable heat packs for all, thinking about trying to etch a beer mug for my brother, and ????. I will post my progress as Christmas approaches.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've never been good at talking about myself but here it goes anyway. My name is Stacia and I live on the Florida Coast. I am originally from Alabama but have lived here for 8+ years. I am currently mommy to an active, adorable, and amusing soon to be 15 month old; wife to my husband RL; counselor for a not for profit agency; and occasional crafter. This blog will follow my continued journey into motherhood, my little one's antics, the joys and tribulations of working in the counseling field, crafts I find time to do, my attempts at learning to sew, and whatever else I decide to rant about.