Monday, August 31, 2015

Update to my out of date BLOG

What is going on in OUR BUSY WORLD:
* I have an 8 year old!
* We will be starting on our 2nd year of homeschooling on Monday
* We have a lot of field trips and special events planned for the next 2 months
* We will be using Heart of Dakota (Bigger Hearts for His Glory) for History, Bible, Geography, etc
* We will be restarting Math U See Beta for Math
* Homechool Co-op starts in 2 weeks, I will be an assistant for Science for 3rd and 4th
* A friend and I are co-captains of our Relay for Life team
* I am part of Event Leadership for Relay for Life this year
* Trying to visit my Dad every 3 months, he is in a nursing home and wheelchair bound and has dementia
* Still working part time in Mental Health
* Researching and exploring work at home options (Suggestions welcomed)
* Just got chickens last week and 4 of 8 have already died :( All 4 were from the same farmer, 2 of his alive, 2 from someone else
* My garden was a BUST this year. Lots of time, energy and $$ with ZERO (well almost zero) return
* Going to plant a fall garden anyway
* I need to PURGE stuff and am struggling with it
* R reads chapter books
* Budgeting with irregular income is HARD