Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thrift store finds

The hubby, R and I went to the Thrift Store in Tuscaloosa while we were visiting my Dad for Father's Day. This store is huge and I could spend hours in there if I had the time. I found a Disney matching game in almost new condition that will be used with little R. I got 2 plates and 2 saucers to use for a tiered tray, maybe 2 trays actually. I also got 3 like new puzzles for R-1 for now and 2 that are a little advanced for her now. Plus, I found a skirt for me that is very bohemian, love it :)
The rest of our weekend was rather uneventful. I cleaned Mom and Dad's house a little, packed up some mementoes for my nieces and brother, and organized a few things. I did talk to my Dad about moving here with me, permanently or even temporarily, he made it clear he doesn't want to. On one hand I understand not wanting to move away from the town you are used to but on the other, I think, why wouldn't you rather be with family versus staying in a tiny room surrounded by strangers. I must admit, my feelings are hurt. I have so many questions I want to ask but don't. I just tell myself to love my Dad as much as I can and move on.
On Father's Day, my brother and his girlfriend came down and we all ate lunch together with my Dad. We just sat and visited with each other versus doing anything or going anywhere. It was nice to see family without the rush of going out to lunch and fighting the crowds.
Hope everyone had a good Father's Day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost summer cleaning and Still on this journey called grief

The hubby is on a cleaning mission. We he have has decided it is past time to start keeping out house cleaner and neater. I am a bit of a pack rat, I come by it honestly though (read some old posts about my parent's home). I keep stuff, LOTS of stuff. I collect stuff, not alot of it but enough. I am also unorganized. I like junk drawers. Junk drawers are my easy way out when cleaning umm, stashing the clutter. The husband used to be a really neat and orderly guy, he says he gave up on it because of me. I say it's because he got lazy :) Either way, our house is a bit of a mess and we are not setting a good example for little R. So, our mission for the next few weeks is purging some of the clutter, organizing what we have, dusting LOTS of stuff and spending some time cleaning the overlooked, avoided and forgot about spaces. YUCK!!!
Part of his mission involved hanging some family pictures we already had in frames. Well, he chose to hang one of my Mom that we used at the church when the family received friends. I saw it on the wall and a flurry of thoughts went through my head-wow, she looks happy there, look at her smile, my Mom is gone, I can't see her smile, will Reagan remember her?, we used the picture at the church, I should be happy she isn't in pain, I should be happy she is in heaven, when do the tears end?, and the thoughts just kept going from there. It's been a little over 3 months now and I can say things are getting a little better. I don't cry every day now..YAY!!
Miss you EGF

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garden, take two

Last year, my garden was a bit of a dissapointment. Pretty much NOTHING grew. I hope this year proves to be better. So far I have planted 2 kinds of beans-1 bush bean and 1 runner, zuchini, squash, carrots, tomatoes and bellpepper, plus basil, cilantro. I have already picked some beans..YAY. We had enough for 2 tiny servings of sauteed green beans. I was incredibly excited. The zuchinni and squash don't look great but they are growing, the carrot seeds washed into a few big clumps so after being thinned I have only a few left to survive the summer. I planted 2 bellpeppers in my daylily bed and plan to add some more one day this week and I have tomatoes in various spots around the house. The tomatoes and bellpeppers both have tiny little fruits on them. If I find a spot, I think I will add some winter squash too-just don't know where to put it. I think I could double the size of my garden and I would  still run out of room.
I read the book square foot gardening and tried to implement a little of it into my plan but my garden bed is laid out a bit larger so I found myself just planting in rows...with all the wasted space and weeds that go with it.
Happy Gardening