Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fine motor work or just playing

I bought some stuff for R to practice fine motor skills last week and we finally used them on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday, we laced wooden beads onto pipe cleaners. She had a hard time and got a little frustrated manipulating the bead to where the opening and the pipe cleaner lined up but seemed to enjoy the activity anyway. She was most amused by taking the beads off not putting them on.
Yesterday, we transferred dried beans from one container to the other with both a spoon and just her hands. This was R's first experience with dried beans. I had a hard time convincing her to keep them in the containers or at least on the tray and not all over the floor, or in her mouth or even down her shirt (?). I have no clue where the down the shirt thing came from. I finally had to put them away because she continued to throw them and refused to pick them up. With R, I try not to be too strict but sometimes I feel I have to be. I would have allowed her to keep playing after she threw the beans IF she would have picked them up-R would have nothing to do with the idea of picking up so away went the beans. A minor protest occurred but ended before too long. We will try again tonight with different implements.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time-I don't have enough of it

I read all these great blogs from Moms who do so many creative activities -crafty ones, just for fun ones, teaching ones, etc-and I think to myself..hmmm, I should do that with R. Well, I never seem to have time to do those nifty activities I read about. I sometimes wonder-HOW do people find the time? I guess it is just a matter of making time and being more organized. Something I most definitely am not.
My afternoons are spent getting dinner ready, dishes washed, bathing baby, washing, folding and hanging clothes, watching American Idol :), and sometimes just recovering from my day. I don't seem to find or make the time to much creative stuff. I do play with baby dolls, read books, color, put together Lego's, and just play but I don't do the "cool" stuff like art projects, water transfer, pouring activities, color matching, and nature exploration.
Anywayz, it is a goal of mine to start doing these things I keep reading about. Now, if I could just have more hours in the day.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the Park

Yesterday I skated out of work early and spent the afternoon with R and my parents. They are visiting from Alabama. We made a quick trip to the store, then to feed the goats and finally to the park.
R had a fabulous time at the park. She enjoys the running and climbing most of all. I am also noticing her desire to be around other children. She doesn't so much want to play with them-just being close to them seems to be the goal (minus the initial need to touch them). I must make an effort to take her to church more often so she can interact more with a group of kiddos her age.
My Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy watching R play and explore. They are both a bit overly protective but it is sweet. BTW-little R has been stuck on her Popppa since he got here. She wants to be where he is. He is quite pleased with this attention.
Today will be spent playing outside, going to Quilting by the Bay (praying for restraint) to see the quilt display, shopping for R and enjoying the beautiful day together. I take my parents back to Montgomery tomorrow where my brother will meet me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


R's big sister Kiki (kelli) has been in town since Sunday. They have been spending quite a bit of time together. They have visited friends, gone shopping, out for pizza, to the park and to the beach. During the day, I am used to being away from her- nighttime is a different story. I'm okay until about 6pm, then I start looking at the clock and wondering...where is she? when will she be home? did she eat? does she miss me? did her sis remember to change her? is big sis watching her closely? is big sis being incredibly careful?
My hubbie tells me to lighten up and relax. I am having a hard time with either of those. I am rarely away from baby except for work. I have gone painting a few times, to the store on occasions and once to pick up my parents without her but those occasions are rare. I prefer to be with my little one versus alone. Now, I do enjoy having alone time but preferably in the house with her :)
Bottomline-I am forcing myself to allow little one some sister time with her Kiki. I know she will take care of her and be extra careful. I can't help but be a little paranoid.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Getting dirty

We spent time outside yesterday enjoying the beautiful day. I pulled and dug up weeds as well as mowed the front yard-I still have LOTS to do. R and the hubby played some in the backyard and then joined me in the front. R played in the dirt. It was amusing to watch her pick up dirt, let it run through her fingers, rub it in her skin, throw it, dig in it,etc. She has no problem getting dirty :) She and Daddy also had fun chasing each other around the car.
I think everyone felt better after spending some time out in the sunshine.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More words

Baby has learned more words-YEAH. She has added clean, bath, and cookie to her repertoire. Pretty soon she will be an expert at this talking thing :)

Discipline or lack of it

As little one gets older, I find myself having to discipline her more and in the process feeling more and more clueless. You see, I have a Master's in Counseling Psychology, have worked with children off and on for years, have taught commone sense parenting, and consider myself a decent counselor. WELL-my little one makes me feel as if I have NO CLUE how to discipline a child. I tell her no-she does it anyway, I tell her what she should do instead-she continues the misbehavior, I remind her of the correct choice-she returns to the misbehavior, I put her in the corner-she does it again...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. The tribulations of raising a strong willed child.
I have also tried spanking her hand or her bottom when it is something that could hurt her. This is also not usually effective. I do not like the idea of spanking-it has its place but I think it should be last resort and only when it is something that could result in harm. My husband has a different opinion but we are trying to compromise. He believes in spare the rod-spoil the child.
As little one matures, I am sure (fingers crossed) it will get a bit easier. For now, I will keep reminding her of alternative responses, alternate behaviors, etc, limit the use of the word "no" and just revel in the fact I have a beautiful, intelligent, strong willed little princess.