Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Chaos

We had a wonderful Christmas. My parents, hubbie's parents and hubbie's 2 older daughters were all at my house for Christmas. It was great just knowing little one had both sets of grandparents and her sisters with her on Christmas morning. Christmas morning we opened our gifts after R opened a few of hers and we watched her play with her new stuff. R loved her kitchen (from us) and ATV (from her sissies)- the rest of the stuff wasn't really important after she saw these gifts :) However, now she has discovered her baby dolls and enjoys giving them a bottle and patting them. After that, we had breakfast together as a family-note to self: bake the hashbrown casserole the night before-and cleaned up together. The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent watching little one play and cooking.
We had Christmas Dinner around 6:30 and it was a simple, delicious meal. Usually, I spend at least 2 days frantically cooking for the big meal and end up spending no time with family and am exhausted by meal time. NOT this year. I cooked a few things, his Mom brought a few dishes, and hubby smoked a turkey I precooked in the oven. So much easier and less stressful. I have decided-mo more elaborate meals that take forever to prepare. Christmas is about family and togetherness and faith and hope and Christ-not about food and china and crystal.
On a side note- I did finish MOST of my handmade Christmas gifts. Yeah!! I was sewing at 10 pm on Christmas Eve but that's okay.

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