Sunday, January 11, 2009

words and songs and stuff

Yesterday baby said another new word...JUICE!! She is picking up on things pretty quickly now. OH and she can say "up" and knows what it means. She walks up, sticks her arms out and says "UP". She also mimics songs-it is too sweet to hear her. She will sing to herself sometimes and it is so adorable.
She is constantly singing "up above" from twinkle, twinkle, little star-I have no idea why she clued in on those words, but she did. Her other song to mimic is the ABC song. Nicole got her a puppy that sings it (cause she liked the one her daughter had) and she will try to mimic it. Funny!!
Kids are such fun. It is truly amazing to watch a little one's personality develop and to witness pure learning. I never knew I would love being a mom so much.

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