Sunday, October 25, 2009

Totally random post about unrelated subjects

BE WARNED: This post is a scattered one, kind of like my brain right now.

R says the cutest things :) Her newest word is rainbrella. I love it. Oh and yesterday she wanted her temperature (of course it sounds quite a bit different coming from her). She actually wanted her play thermometer. On the not so cute side she is now saying shut up. Hubby is to blame for that one, not that I don't occasionally say it to him. I know, bad example. AND, she now announces to the world her bodily functions. Friday in Target everyone close by knew she had gas, because she told them, repeatedly.

I'm working on her Halloween costume: black and red tutu, wings from clotheshangers and pantyhose, red t-shirt w/ felt circles or painted dots and a head band with pipecleaner and painted styrofoam balls for antennae.

Robert had his first showings yesterday. Yea!! He has an open house with another agent today. Yea again but wish he could go with us instead. I'm planning on taking R to a pumpkin patch/farm about an hour away.

There is not much change in Mom's health that I know of. I do know she sounds a little weaker. I think she is getting more confused but I really can't tell. She barely talks to me on the phone now. I used to have to tell her I had to go 4 or 5 times before she stopped talking. Never thought I would miss it :(

I'm off to get everything ready for our little excursion. Have a blessed day.

ADDED: Pictures from our trip and one from a sunflower field on the way back.

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