Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baking with R

R and I had a fab time making homemade granola bars a few days ago. She enjoyed pouring ingredients in and stirring with lots of sampling. I used this recipe, with lots of tweaks. Next time I will try the original recipe first and then make adjustments. Mine are far from extra chewy but I severely changed things (less sugar, tiny bit more honey, added applesauce, and nuts and raisins and dried cranberries) around so who knows what the recipe actually turns out like. The hubby always tells me to follow the recipe the 1st time and then make adjustments, maybe next time. Mine turned out good -not chewy but not hard either. Not sure how to describe them, kinda like a bar cookie texture but not really. :) I have plenty to put in the freezer for snack time.
The hubby and I have decided to try to eat more healthy and save money at the same time. This mean less over processed convenience food and more whole, natural foods. We already make our own pizza, some breads, and just started making refried beans. It is definitely a learning experience for me. I am so NOT a cook, that is hubby's expertise. So, it is a journey of trial and errors for me. Happy cooking.

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