Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Major Accomplishment

After MONTHS of training, bribing, pleading, praying, praising, hoping, wishing, and cajoling......Little R is going to the potty on her own. Potty training R has been difficult beyond belief. My husband and I have tried all kinds of rewards, tactics, and strategies to no avail.We tried stickers, little prizes, witholding favorite TV shows, extra movie time, songs, dances, special snacks, etc-all in an attempt to get her to use the potty. Then one day it just happened. She seriously just decided she would start going to the potty. R has had a few accident free days, one with MANY accidents, and most have been 1 or 2 accident days. She has even made it through nap time dry. I can hardly contain my excitement :)
Happy Fall!

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