Monday, November 22, 2010

My DIY Christmas Plans

I have decided to massively simplify gift giving this year. The adults will be getting a magnetic frame/plaque, and coasters and maybe one other gift. I'm not sure what the "other" will be yet. Maybe a small decoupaged notebook for the ladies and ??????? for the guys. I was thinking maybe cakes in a jar for my Dad, but no clue for the other 3 males.
Baby R will be getting handmade blocks with animals, a set of puzzle blocks (from thrift store books), DIY bath crayons, foam shapes for the tub, DIY hooded towel, maybe some lacing shapes from foam, more felt food (not sure what yet), purchased dish set, a pillow pet, and a Baby All Gone.
If things go as planned, our Christmas will be spent in the beautiful surroundings of my ideal place. There are a lot of things that have to fall into place to make it happen but I am praying it does.

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