Thursday, March 3, 2011

R-My Wish for You

My wishes and dreams and hopes for my precious little R
-grow up knowing how much both your Dad and I love you
-have lots of memories of good times even the most ordinary ones
-have instilled values to guide you through even the toughest times
-always see the beauty in God's creation
-remain connected to your sisters
-find a man who treats you like a princess :)
-love yourself
-personal relationship with God
-continue some of our traditions with your children
-are self sufficient but willing to ask for and accept help
-remain in awe of nature
-laugh often
-find a few special friends to keep for a lifetime
-have children of your own to experience the joy it brings to your life to be a Mom
-find and develop your special gifts from God
-experience different cultures
-never compromise your values to fit in
-keep your sense of humor

And much more that I will share with you as you get older.

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