Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My little R asked me to sing her "R's song" tonight and I realized I had almost forgotten some of the words. So I thought I would add it here to preserve forever :)

Sleep little R--- go to sleep, Sleep little R--- go to sleep
Close your eyes and dream away, close your eyes and dream away
Dream about happy thoughts, dream about happy thought
Butterflies and fairytales, Sunny days and baby whales
Little ponies brown and white, mommy and R-- flying kites
Tiny fishies swimming by, Lions, tigers, bears, oh my
Building castles in the sand, Daddy and R holding hands
Turtles, frogs, and birdies too
Flowers and trees and the morning dew
Jumping waves and playing catch
Baking cookies by the batch
Sleep little R go to sleep, sleep little R go to sleep

Sometimes LOTS of singing was required to get R to go to sleep or get her back to sleep. I would run out of songs so I just made one up. Hard to believe I miss those sleepless nights and sleep deprived hazy days.

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