Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Unfortunately, I didn't have a 3 day weekend like so many :( Our Easter weekend was very uneventful. I worked a few hours on Saturday and napped for a LONG time because I felt crappy. We did make a late night run to Krispy Kreme with baby in tow. She stayed awake until almost 11:00 pm. I think I have a future night owl on my hands.
Sunday morning was spent letting R play with her Easter Basket toys and then off to church. We chose to stay close and just go to the church within walking distance from our house. Not my first choice but it was convenient and time constraint friendly. The sermon was meaningful and easy to understand, the music was AWFUL but I reminded myself it was about making a Joyful noise not a pleasing noise.
Sunday afternoon once again involved a nap and then outside play with R. She FINALLY got to use her sidewalk chalk from her Easter basket. She was more amused by writing on me than the sidewalk. She also made a few sneaky attempts at writing on Daddy's car. We then transplanted tomatoes and peppers and let R play with the waterhose. She LOVES this. The water is freezing (well water) and I have no clue how she stands it. As usual, by the time we were done outside, little R needed a bath and dry clothes.
BTW-I went to the Doc yesterday and I have a bad sinus infection and an ear infection-this explains why I have been so tired and thus all the naps.

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