Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bellingrath Gardens

When my parents were visiting, I took time off and took Mom to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, AL. I wasn't incredibly impressed this time, but the gardens are pretty at anytime. I'm thinking they were in an in-between phase because I saw lots of new plants and lots of planting being done.
What I enjoyed was the time we got to spend together and the time my parents were able to spend with little R.
R had a great time exploring the grass, shrubs, leaves, flowers, water features and various bugs we encountered along the way. We used her new backpack with a leash, ummm strap-to keep her from escaping into the river or dissapearing into the flowering abyss. It was a lifesaver-she could walk or ride in the stroller and I didn't have to plead, argue, redirect or force her to hold my hand or stay close. I distinctly remember the devices from quite a few years back that attached to the child's hand and had a strap the parents held and I even more vividly remeber my thoughts about them. It went something like this I can't believe a parent would have their child on a leash like a dog..I will never do that to my child...those are for people who just don't try to make their child behave, etc, etc. I take it all back!!!!! I was so thankful for the backpack and the peace it allowed.

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