Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Well, the long weekend has come and gone..leaving me wishing for an even longer weekend/vacation. Most of my time was spent catching up on sleep I didn't get while worrying about my Mom. She spent almost 5 days in the hospital from what appeared to be an "overdose" of chemo. She went for days without being able to keep solids down even with anti nausea injections and a bag or two of IV fluids. SO, she went to the ER and they admitted her. After many, many phone calls and inquiries I was still as uninformed as before I called anybody-MAJOR source of frustration. As with many others-not knowing is one of the hardest things for me.
Thank goodness for having family and friends who work at the local hospital.I finally got some accurate information mid morning on Thursday and felt a little better about what was going on.
I could add more about the stressful part of the end of the week/weekend but won't.
On a positive note-We took R to see her first LIVE cows and horses. She was thrilled to see the "moos". We heard about the baby moo for days.

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