Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finger painting

R and I spent some time finger painting yesterday after I got home from work. She had a blast!! I alternated between putting paint on the paper and her hands. I think she enjoyed rubbing paint on her hands and on me more than putting it on the paper. We also tried footprints and hand prints-neither were incredibly successful. Since we were outside, I grabbed a few sticks, rocks and leaves and let her use those too. Fun times!

I used the crayola washable finger paints-they are a nice thick consistency and the colors are bright. They do take quite a long time to dry but it all depends on thickness of course. Baby R likes LOTS of paint so there were globs of it everywhere.
In the next few days I plan on trying the make your own version of finger paints. I picked up a box of cornstarch, and 2 assortments of food coloring to try out. I'll post about the results in a few days, well maybe weeks :)

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