Thursday, July 2, 2009

My garden woes

SO, my garden is not doing so well. I have 1 cucumber and 1 yellow squash or zucchini still alive. Not sure if I watered too much, not enough or something else. My beans are alive-well most of them-but there are almost no beans. Plus, when we came back from our trip there were large pieces of vine gone-not dead but GONE. No clue what is eating them-I didn't see bugs or caterpillars-I'm thinking squirrels or rats (gross!!). I do have LOTS and lots of Roma tomatoes and some regular ones too. The bell peppers are taking off and I have spices (basil, cilantro), even if they do look kinda puny. I guess the carrots and onions are doing okay-I can't really tell but most of them are still alive.

I am thinking about planting winter squash and maybe some cantaloupes in one of my mostly empty flowerbeds. Not exactly the best time for planting but I'm going to see what happens. This year's garden is more trial and error than anything else so it is a learning process for me however it turns out.

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