Thursday, December 10, 2009

A look back

At the beginning of this year I came up with a few goals to work on. Here is what they were:

- Spend more active time with baby-DONE-The hubby and I make it a point to take her outside to play, dance around the house, play chase, etc

- Less TV more music or even silence-Partially Done-still working on it

- PURGE the clutter [massively hard for me-I like stuff:)]-DONE-but need to do more, the next step is my massive crafting stash

- Learn to sew ruffles on jeans and skirts-NOT DONE-I have made 1 skirt w/ a ruffle-not a pretty sight but I let her wear it anyway

- establish a bedtime routine for baby R-HAHAHA-that should say it all

- stick to bedtime routine-refer to previous answer

- try out the freezer cooking method-DONE-now, I need to do it again

- Have at least 5 meals in the freezer at ALL times-umm, once again, refer above answer

- More fruits and veggies for me and the hubby-Partially Done

WOW, I have alot to work on.

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