Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glossy paper flowers

Love, love, love these flowers made from magazine pages. I cut the circles, R chose the combos, and it was a team effort for the other steps.

Supplies needed:  old magazines or scrapbook paper scraps or damaged books destined for the garbage, etc
                            glue stick or hot glue or all purpose glue depending on stem material used
                             paper brads (basic ones from office supply store or decorative ones from hobby store)
                             rolled magazine page or skewer or stick

 a) Cut circles from scrap paper-I used a kiddie bowl for a template-can also use graduated sizes or just adjust when cutting design
b) Fold 1 circle at a time in 1/2 a few times (same process as the paper snowflakes you made when you were a kid)
c) Cut folded circle into a petal shape, making sure the tip (pointy part) remains intact-I cut some down before shaping so I had different sizes
d) Unfold
e) choose a few sets of petals, pierce through the middle and hold together with brad
f) if using paper for stem, roll up into skinny tube, glue edge with glue stick
g) attach flower to magazine page stem with brad, may need to pierce hole w/ scissors first or glue to skewer or stick
h) fold or pinch edges of petals to add dimension

Lots of display options too-in a recycled metal can, nestled in marbles in a flower pot, stuck into moss covered styrofoam in a rectangular dish, etc (maybe not the magazine stems)

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