Friday, May 21, 2010

Saving $$$$$$

I have discovered this new website and I am amazed at some of the deals you can get at local grocery stores if you just spend a few minutes here and there printing coupons, clipping coupons and making a list. The website lists the best deals and matchups with various forms of coupons.

Just yesterday I got 4 boxes of Ronzoni Pasta for $0.39 a piece by taking advantage of B1G1 and using 2 coupons of save $1 off of 2 packages, Right Guard Deodorant at $0.49 (4 of them), Green Giant Steamers (4 again) at $0.69, Simply gogurt 8 packs for $0.29 using printable $1.10 coupons in combo w/ them being on sale for $1.39 and smaller boxes of Hefty ziplocs at $0.64 a box by combining a printable coupon and the B1G1 special. YAY!! (I never knew you could use 2 coupons when getting B1G1 deals) OH, I also noticed instant mashed potatoes are B1G1 (2 for 1.25) and you can print a coupon for $0.75 off 3. So, 3 boxes of potatoes for less than $0.40 a piece. I'm not a big fan of these but I do sometimes use them when I am in a super hurry.

The website lists specific details for various stores in the South. From what I have read-Publix pretty much accepts most competitors coupons, meaning you can use a Target or Food Lion or CVS or Winn-Dixie coupon there AND a manufacturer's coupon on the same item. Really great savings. So, you can stack a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon and of course pair those w/ B1G1. Cool!!

I will definitely be stocking up my pantry with these savings and picking up extras here and there to donate. Finances are tight at my house but there are tons of people who don't have jobs, food, a house, etc. I can certainly afford to donate a few items of food I can purchase for less than $0.75 to our local charities.

I'm going to try the CVS extra bucks thing out soon too. We will see how that goes.

Happy Shopping!!

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