Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 things I LOVE

In honor of Valentine's Day, thought I would do a post of things I love. Of course, these are in no particular order.

1) Walking on the beach and all the activities you can do while walking-picking up seashells, watching the birds, listening to the waves, etc
2) Playing with my little one
3) Watching storms from INSIDE
4) Being alone in nature
5) Fall in the mountains
6) Holding hands with my little one
7) A clean house-not that I experience it very often
8) Jimmy Buffet music on a sunny day
9) Craft projects that come out just right
10) My hubby
11) When the hubby details my car
12) Fresh, home grown tomatoes on white bread-that's the only time I eat white bread
13) Catching fish, well not hard head catfish but most fish
14) Getting packages in the mail
15) Shoes, shoes, shoes!!
16) old medical/health related books-I am fascinated by what was accepted as science back then
17) All things Irish (except Notre Dame football)
18) Cutesy office supplies- I'm a sucker for frou frou pens, shaped note pads, colored paperclips
19) Watching dolphins, preferably up close
20) Traveling
21) Fire, as in campfires or fireplaces or fire pits-not in the arson kinda way
22) when something I planted from seed blooms or has veggies on it
23) SEASHELLS-you can never have too many
24) My parents-they have done so much for me and my hubby
25) Hot coffee on a cold morning, enjoyed outside in the mountain air

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