Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Growing up

My little one will soon be 18 months old. WOW!! In some ways she is so BIG and others, still such a BABY. I know I am going to miss the baby stage so much. In the past month she has started alot of new things.
Facts about baby:
- sometimes puts herself back to sleep (self soothes)
- lets us know when she wants a bottle
- Bottles are getting fewer
- takes her diaper off and runs!
- learning animal sounds and can imitate a bark, neigh, meow and oink.
- able to name some and point to most body parts
- spending less time in mommy and daddy's bed
- still snatches her hand away and tries to run off when in public
- NO FEAR!!!
- climbs-anything
- thinks getting on the coffee table and standing there is fun
- Cat food and dog food are still options for snacks and toys
- Anyone's cups are much more interesting than hers
- Remotes and phones are fun to play with
- already likes TV too much
- Baths are still fun
- The bathroom is not a private place-she MUST be a spectator if at all possible
- On occasions she thinks SLEEP is for SISSIES
- Graceful is something she is not
- loves our critters
- Tough girl
- loves SHOES
- continues to be strong willed
- is affectionate-she hugs and kisses all the time (the kitties too)
- likes to be around other children
- consumes most of our time
- has never spent a night away from me
- lights up when she sees her sisters
- likes to clear everything off the table by throwing it on the floor
- unfolds clothing as I fold
- smushes her food if she is no longer very hungry
- eats most foods including lima beans (yuck), kiwi, mango, tomatoes, chicken curry and spicy stuff
- is ADORED by her mom and dad
Probably more than you wanted to know but now you know!!

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