Monday, April 27, 2009

the C word

I'm sitting here at work, desperately wishing I could be at home with little R and my mom. The hubby and I brought my parents back here to FLA from Alabama this weekend. Mom told me on Friday that her cancer is back. When she goes back, she will start chemo and maybe radiation...AGAIN. She had breast cancer, had a mastectomy, went through chemotherapy-2 different kinds, radiation and ongoing anticancer drugs. Then, cancer was found in her back, more chemo and radiation...another flare up, more radiation.
Now, she has cancer in her kidneys and liver. According to the docs, the original cancer in the breast metastasised to the back bone which has now metastasised to the kidney and liver. AT least it is the same form/strain as before-hopefully the chemo they used before will be effective.
I am so glad we had already decided that my parents would come back with us. Time is precious but even more so when the reality of illness, death and dying are so close.
If you are the praying type-please keep my Mom and Dad in yours-if not, send happiness and health vibes her way.

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kym said...

I will be praying for your mom and for your family. The 20 things list is neat!!! And the garden is beautiful...I had plans for one, but it just isn't happening this year!