Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reindeer Ornaments

Today I will finish our Reindeer ornaments. The idea is pretty simple...
1) Trace your little one's hands with fingers separated
2) Trace one foot, preferably still in sock feet
3) Use these images to cut out pieces from construction paper, card stock or foam. We are using foam.
4) Glue 2 hands (antlers) on each side of the foot (head) near the top
5) Glue or draw on eyes- I am using wiggly eyes-they have the sticky kind too!
6) Glue or draw on a nose- I am using little red pom-poms
7) Tape or glue a ribbon to the back for handing

Walla..A Christmas Ornament Keepsake

I have already traced little one's hands and feet- I just have to finish cutting the shapes out. Tracing her foot was easy, her hands, Not So Much. R is constantly on the move. She wanted to crinkle up the paper and play with the pen, not have mommy hold her hand still :) I will post pictures of the finished products.

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