Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My little one had her first stomach bug :( It was awful!! For those of you who don't like TMI about bodily functions-STOP READING HERE. She started throwing up around 11:15 Monday night and did so every 15 to 30 minutes until about 4:30 am. We tried Emetrol but she threw that up too. Toward the end, it was just bile and dry heaves. I felt so sorry for her. It was heartbreaking for her to be gagging and reaching for me-saying ma ma ma while the hubby was holding her. I felt so helpless. Yesterday, it only happened twice and so far none today. She still has an awful case of diarrhea (which thankfully started after the vomiting) and a fever, which started midday yesterday. I gave her Tylenol- which she promptly threw up- so I ended up having to use tylenol suppositories. I didn't even know these things were OTC. As far as the remaining GI issues- it is gross. How does something so foul come from such a little person? We have had to scoop her up a couple of times already and go straight to the tub. I thought maybe a different brand diaoer might help so I bought some pampers and tried them. Nope-still leaky. Now I am using a diaper and bloomers under her pants to prevent ruining the carpet or furniture :/.

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Thankfully, my in-laws showed up yesterday afternoon. They weren't supposed to here until today but decided to come a day early. Most people dread the in-laws coming for the holidays. For me-it isn't so bad. Now, my father in law can be a challenge! He and the hubby are SO much alike they have difficulty being around each other for very long. They both are the type that don't think they are right- they KNOW they are right and there way is not just the best way but the ONLY way that makes sense. MEN!! Why am I thankful they are here a day early? My MIL already had stuff cooked that we used for dinner last night-extra arms to hold baby- and they are home with the baby today so I can work and not take additional time off. Oh, and she has already cooked dressing, sweet potato casserole and has bought a ham for tomorrow. I am thankful for the help.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember to Give Thanks

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