Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's day and dinner

Well, Father's Day did not go as planned. I had planned on making breakfast for the hubby and making sure he got a little extra me time that morning. As I started breakfast preperation, I noticed some bowls with leftovers he had left in the sink. I decided to go ahead and get them cleaned up and put in the dishwasher before I started cooking. I proceeded to empty the leftovers into the sink and turn on the garbaghe disposal, only 1 bowl at a time though. Next thing you know, NASTY water is rising on thge other side. Turns out I clogged the pipes...AGAIN. So, hubby spent his morning draining disgustingly dirty water from the sink and pipes, and unclogging our drain with a snake.
Bless his heart-he barely complained. I felt so guilty!!! To add to the comedy of the day, the fish I cooked for dinner was awful. As in, there was no way we could eat it. I don't know if it was old, spoiled, or just gross-whichever it was-it was completely inedible. Once again, hubby didn't complain and we just ended up getting dressed really quickly and going out to dinner. Thank goodness for an understanding hubby. Love you!!

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