Thursday, June 18, 2009

Homemade Pizza

Hubby, little R, and I love pizza made at home!! Lately, the hubby has been making them because he is the one home first but I do occasionally make one too. Ours is a semi-homemade one since we used a bagged mix which I get for less than $1 at Save-a-Lot. As far as ingredients-it's whatever we have on hand. For the sauce-jarred pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce w/ added spices; for the cheese-usually mozzarella but we add others like Monterrey jack, Colby too; for veggies-usually just green peppers but sometimes tomato slices, onions, artichoke hearts, yellow or red peppers, thin sliced carrots, etc; for meat-usually pepperoni, regular sausage, or Italian sausage,however ground beef, ham, and chicken are all options. We have made a taco style pizza w/ salsa, various cheeses (mozzarella and I forget the other kind but it's billed as a Mexican cheese and it's very wet and white) and hamburger seasoned w/ chili powder and cumin-it was really tasty. The hubby is much more creative than me in the kitchen-I tend to make the same things over and over with only minor tweaks-he likes making new things or changing recipes quite a bit.
Right now, hubby is at home making a pizza while I'm at work waiting on a client who I have to remind about responsibility and consistency and treatment plan guidelines.

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