Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stepping stones

Today I made stepping stones for Christmas gifts. I used broken pottery, dollar store gems, plain cement, and for molds I used old pie pans. I had plans of making at least a few with little one's hand prints- no such luck. Every time I attempted to get a hand print, she grabbed a fistful of concrete..maybe next time. These turned out okay but definitely not masterpieces. Planning your designs would be best :)

These were relatively simple- 1)mix concrete according to directions, mixture is correct when it resembles cornbread batter 2) pour into molds- can use pie pans, pizza boxes, purchased molds, planter bottoms, etc (if using for a hanging-put hanger in mold before pouring) 3) wait a few minutes until the concrete starts to set a little (you don't want the stuff you add to sink) 4) add decorative items and push in until flush if using for stepping stones (safer for bare feet and no falling) 5) leave to dry 6) after at least 24 hours, pop out of mold 7)enjoy


kym said...

Love the stepping stone idea! Did you try doing little ones feet? I am going to follow your blog!! I love it!

ocean said...

We will try feet next weekend seeing as the hands were not successful.