Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time-I don't have enough of it

I read all these great blogs from Moms who do so many creative activities -crafty ones, just for fun ones, teaching ones, etc-and I think to myself..hmmm, I should do that with R. Well, I never seem to have time to do those nifty activities I read about. I sometimes wonder-HOW do people find the time? I guess it is just a matter of making time and being more organized. Something I most definitely am not.
My afternoons are spent getting dinner ready, dishes washed, bathing baby, washing, folding and hanging clothes, watching American Idol :), and sometimes just recovering from my day. I don't seem to find or make the time to much creative stuff. I do play with baby dolls, read books, color, put together Lego's, and just play but I don't do the "cool" stuff like art projects, water transfer, pouring activities, color matching, and nature exploration.
Anywayz, it is a goal of mine to start doing these things I keep reading about. Now, if I could just have more hours in the day.

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kym said...

The thing is, you spend time getting down and playing with talk to her, you involve her in your day...and believe me, that makes up for all the projects you don't do with her. Seize each moment...water play is a fancy word for bath. Tonight we were all on the floor and Kiley started dumping out the penny jar and counting. Voila. School! Did she know that??? NO! But she had a blast counting and then Molly had fun actually figuring out how much was in the jar...$4.19. So, two projects on the spur of the moment...and quality time with the kids in the process! I get blog envy, too, so I understand...but you are doing a GREAT job!!!