Saturday, March 21, 2009

the Park

Yesterday I skated out of work early and spent the afternoon with R and my parents. They are visiting from Alabama. We made a quick trip to the store, then to feed the goats and finally to the park.
R had a fabulous time at the park. She enjoys the running and climbing most of all. I am also noticing her desire to be around other children. She doesn't so much want to play with them-just being close to them seems to be the goal (minus the initial need to touch them). I must make an effort to take her to church more often so she can interact more with a group of kiddos her age.
My Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy watching R play and explore. They are both a bit overly protective but it is sweet. BTW-little R has been stuck on her Popppa since he got here. She wants to be where he is. He is quite pleased with this attention.
Today will be spent playing outside, going to Quilting by the Bay (praying for restraint) to see the quilt display, shopping for R and enjoying the beautiful day together. I take my parents back to Montgomery tomorrow where my brother will meet me.

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