Thursday, March 5, 2009

Discipline or lack of it

As little one gets older, I find myself having to discipline her more and in the process feeling more and more clueless. You see, I have a Master's in Counseling Psychology, have worked with children off and on for years, have taught commone sense parenting, and consider myself a decent counselor. WELL-my little one makes me feel as if I have NO CLUE how to discipline a child. I tell her no-she does it anyway, I tell her what she should do instead-she continues the misbehavior, I remind her of the correct choice-she returns to the misbehavior, I put her in the corner-she does it again...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. The tribulations of raising a strong willed child.
I have also tried spanking her hand or her bottom when it is something that could hurt her. This is also not usually effective. I do not like the idea of spanking-it has its place but I think it should be last resort and only when it is something that could result in harm. My husband has a different opinion but we are trying to compromise. He believes in spare the rod-spoil the child.
As little one matures, I am sure (fingers crossed) it will get a bit easier. For now, I will keep reminding her of alternative responses, alternate behaviors, etc, limit the use of the word "no" and just revel in the fact I have a beautiful, intelligent, strong willed little princess.

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