Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fine motor work or just playing

I bought some stuff for R to practice fine motor skills last week and we finally used them on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday, we laced wooden beads onto pipe cleaners. She had a hard time and got a little frustrated manipulating the bead to where the opening and the pipe cleaner lined up but seemed to enjoy the activity anyway. She was most amused by taking the beads off not putting them on.
Yesterday, we transferred dried beans from one container to the other with both a spoon and just her hands. This was R's first experience with dried beans. I had a hard time convincing her to keep them in the containers or at least on the tray and not all over the floor, or in her mouth or even down her shirt (?). I have no clue where the down the shirt thing came from. I finally had to put them away because she continued to throw them and refused to pick them up. With R, I try not to be too strict but sometimes I feel I have to be. I would have allowed her to keep playing after she threw the beans IF she would have picked them up-R would have nothing to do with the idea of picking up so away went the beans. A minor protest occurred but ended before too long. We will try again tonight with different implements.

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